Our vision and aims

 Our vision

  • We passionately believe that everyone bereaved or affected by suicide should be offered and receive timely and appropriate support
  • We believe that by working together we can make this vision a reality
  • Many of us have been bereaved or affected by suicide. You are not alone. If and when you can, please accept the help and support that is available.

How we work

We are a partnership of over 20 members: organisations and individuals who work to support those who are bereaved by suicide. Many of us have lost someone to suicide and so we understand the devastation it can leave behind.  We passionately campaign for those who have been bereaved, to ensure that no one has to go through losing someone to suicide alone.

To achieve this we:

  • Seek to ensure all those bereaved or affected by suicide are offered and receive timely and appropriate support.
  • Increase access to information about services and resources that are available.
  • Improve the range and quality of bereavement support after a death by suicide.
  • Reduce the incidence of suicide or attempted suicide in those who have been bereaved by suicide.

We aim to

  • Advocate for all those bereaved or affected by suicide by influencing policy, increasing public understanding and striving to include bereavement by suicide in all bereavement pathways.
  • Signpost families, professionals and the public to appropriate sources of high quality bereavement support from our members and other agencies through our website. Offer access to both print and digital copies of Help is at Hand and work with partners to increase awareness of, and improve access to, bereavement care pathways.
  • Support each other and other professionals to find and share the knowledge and resources they need to deliver high quality, accessible care to those bereaved by suicide by sharing knowledge of members services; arranging national and regional meetings and providing e-news.
  • Research the impact of bereavement through suicide by working with researchers to develop an understanding of the incidence and the effects of bereavement by suicide; evaluating the outcomes of programmes of support for those bereaved through suicide; and developing care service standards.
  • Generate new ideas and approaches to improving care for those bereaved by suicide.
SASP is a programme hosted by the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), registered charity number 1110621 and SC044347. Copyright CALM © 2020