Our members and supporters are the foundation of the Support after Suicide Partnership and our wider network. They are all involved in providing support for people bereaved by suicide and play a huge role in helping us to shape our priorities.

The Luna Foundation

The Luna Foundation are dedicated to improving the support for children and young people after a parent or primary caregiver dies by suicide. They do this through providing training, consultancy, and by campaigning.


The Matthew Elvidge Trust

The Matthew Elvidge Trust was set up in loving memory of Matthew. The Trust aims to increase awareness and support surrounding the importance of good mental health through their support or organisation that work within the mental health and suicide prevention and bereavement field.


The Traveller Movement

The Traveller Movement (TM) is a national charity working with and for ethnic Romany Gypsies, Roma and Irish Travellers (GRT). Since the year 2000 TM has been working in partnership with GRT communities, challenging discrimination and promoting inclusion in the areas of education, youth, health, gender equality and criminal justice. TM prides itself as a leading Gypsy, Roma and Traveller charity and has a reputation of ‘punching above their weight’ due to strategic planning, innovative thinking and strong passionate leadership.


The Violet Project

The violet project offers support for Self-harm and Suicide. We prevent suicide through awareness-raising events, support groups, along with various mental health and suicide prevention training.
They offer direct support groups from well-being sessions, along with support groups for those that have been affected by suicide. They also aim to provide more preventative ‘upstream’ support throughout the region with self-harm support groups, well-being sessions and events, working with schools, justice system settings and workplaces.
They currently host suicide bereavement groups both at national and regional levels.
For more information please visit their website HERE.

Victim Support (Suffolk and North East Essex)

The Victim Support/Bereaved by Suicide Service in Suffolk and North East Essex operates across the county, delivering support to those who have been bereaved or affected by suicide.

Their support is tailored to you. They can help in a variety of ways. This includes informing you of your rights and the next steps. This may be assisting with the funeral or the inquest, or at work/study. They can help by listening to you, and validating your feelings. They also help you to reflect and explore ways to cope after a traumatic incident. And they can connect you with other services who may be able to support you, for example counselling.


Victim Support Bereaved by Suicide Service (Worcestershire)

The Victim Support Bereaved by Suicide Service works to support individuals and families bereaved by suicide in the Berkshire area. The service is free and confidential and can help with specialist emotional and practical support for anyone seeking information or signposting


We Mind And Kelly Matters

The We Mind & Kelly Matters Support after Suicide service offers an extensive range of support from telephone, virtual video and face to face. They offer practical and emotional support through 1:1 counselling, family support and Northamptonshire’s first SOBS groups.


Widowed and Young (WAY)

WAY is the only national charity in the UK for people aged 50 and under whose partner has died. It’s a peer-to-peer support group operating with a network of volunteers who have been bereaved at a young age themselves, so they understand exactly what other members are going through. They are a place for people who have experienced an untimely loss to understand and have compassion for those experiencing the same. Quite simply, to be able to say: “I know”.
WAY as a service offers a peer-to-peer support group operating with a network of volunteers who have been bereaved at a young age themselves, so they understand exactly what other members are going through.
WAY was founded in 1997 and now has over 4,500 members across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They aim to provide peer-to-peer emotional and practical support to ALL young widowed people –married or not, with or without children, inclusive of sexual orientation, gender, race and religion.
From picnics to meals out, their members are able to attend lively social groups that meet up throughout the year. They also organise weekends away for adults and families, go camping, have parties and offer an alternative social life that doesn’t revolve around couples.
For more information on the help they provide and the work they do please head over to their website HERE.

Winston’s Wish

Winston’s Wish work to support bereaved children, young people, their families, and the professionals who support them.