I can’t believe what has happened, it doesn’t feel real

The feeling of shock can last a long time and you may experience it in many ways. It may feel as if you have lost your ability to breathe normally – as if someone has punched a hole through you or you have taken a deep breath in and then can’t breathe out. Or you may feel you have lost your ability to complete daily tasks and that you are detached from what is going on around you.

Some people find it hard to accept someone has died, and that the person will no longer be part of their lives. This feeling can fade as the reality of their death sinks in, but you may still find yourself doubting what has happened for some time.

It is quite common to feel physically unwell with headaches, upset stomachs and sickness. Because you are feeling low, you may find yourself being less resilient against colds, for example, than usual. You may have trouble eating or sleeping.