is one of the UK’s leading bereavement support signposting sites. They are working towards becoming the trusted ‘go-to’ place to search for bereavement support. Their site has an incredibly rich database of local and national support services available across the UK, including suicide bereavement support. As well as support services they also have information on available resources whether that be surrounding financial advice, practical help with bereaved children, or courses on supporting someone bereaved. Their site also hosts GriefChat, which is a service provided by the organisation Professional Help, which connects you live to trained bereavement counsellors, free of charge. This service is available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 9 pm.

Our partnership

SASP has been working in partnership with to raise awareness of their incredibly in-depth resource. It is so important that people are able to very easily find the support they are looking for, thanks to’s easy to navigate and comprehensive site this is becoming increasingly possible. We have also been working to share our information on the UK’s suicide bereavement support services and resources so that we can ensure that the signposting data is as rich and up to date as possible. This partnership has also allowed us to improve the signposting capabilities of our public SASP site, for anyone bereaved that may be seeking support.

Why is this work so important?

Effective signposting can mean the difference between someone receiving the life-changing support they need, and someone falling through the cracks. On top of grieving for their loved one, and the practical implications of a death, often searching and reaching out for support for themselves can be incredibly difficult. This is why it is vital that support is easily accessible. On top of this, an important aspect of effective bereavement support is working together to harness individual skills, and to make sure not to use up valuable resources by replicating great work that may already be being done. This is why partnerships with incredible organisations such as are so important. This work also evidences how useful sharing information and pooling resources can be for furthering the field of suicide bereavement support.