Coroners Court Support Service

The Coroners Court Support Service works to support individuals through the practical and emotional aspects of the Coronial Process. The Coroners Court can be a confusing and overwhelming place, especially if you are trying to navigate the process after a sudden bereavement. Their trained volunteers work with families and individuals to help them more confidently navigate the processes and procedures of the coroner’s court, such as an Inquest. As well as practical information, their kind, warm and caring approach makes a huge difference to the families they work with. Their volunteers currently support individuals and families in 45 coronial areas of England, in 68 coroners’ courts.

Our Partnership

SASP and the Coroners Court Support Service have worked closely for many years. We are always working to signpost to the service in any way we can, whether this be when receiving public enquiries, or when working with new members and partners because we know how beneficial their support can be for families bereaved. They have been incredibly helpful in providing us with up to date and in-depth information surrounding Coroners Courts and Inquests for our new SASP site and we were fortunate enough to have Beverly Radcliffe, Director of CCSS, join us to record an incredibly informative Podcast. We have worked collaboratively to create signposting materials for different areas of the UK and most recently, they have been helping us keep up to date surrounding the CCSS and Inquests during our COVID webinars.

Why is this work important?

This work is vital because we know how difficult it can be for families and individuals to navigate the coronal process following a death by suicide. On top of the devastating emotional impact of a loss, having to attend an inquest can often be a traumatic experience. From understanding how the process takes place to having to encounter the press, families often feel very overwhelmed and somewhat lost within the practicalities. This is why a service such as the Coroners Court Support Service is so important for families that have been bereaved by suicide, and why making sure these families are aware of this service, is so very important to us.