National Bereavement Service (NBS)

The National Bereavement Service works to provide a wealth of information and expertise surrounding the practical implications of losing a loved one. They can offer support around funerals, coroners and inquests, probate and solicitors, rules of intestacy (when a death occurs and leaves no Will) and more. They employ a team of advisers with extensive legal expertise to support users with any questions related to a death and bereavement; including Will writing, probate, DIY probate, power of attorney and financial implications. Their network of trusted legal and funeral services offer support empathetically, fee transparency and fair services. They also work with a range of companies and organisations to help them deliver bereavement support to their employees and customers. Their free helpline number, 0800 0246 121, will connect you to their incredible guidance and support. You can also contact them by emailing [email protected].

Our Partnership

We have been working with the National Bereavement service to help develop the legal support resources available on our Public Site. This includes a new support page that details the A to Z’s of navigating the legal implications of a loss. This includes the steps of Probate, Intestacy, Life insurance policies and more. This work also supports our goal to ensure that all major employers in the UK have a policy around bereavement by traumatic death to help them support their employees and clients. The NBS do incredible work with companies to help them develop effective bereavement policies and procedures, and we are delighted to be working with them to help support our work with major employers as well as their work ensuring that suicide bereavement support is always a key aspect of these policies.

Why is this work important?

Navigating the legalities of a death can often be confusing and overwhelming, especially in the case of a sudden death. In the event of a loss by suicide it’s incredibly important that those supporting families deliver support empathetically. Equally, working to ensure that businesses have strong policies in place to support both their employees and clients through a bereavement by suicide is fundamental as we know that individuals bereaved by suicide are 65% more likely to attempt suicide, so making sure they receive support will always be at the forefront of our work.