TASC is the Alliance of Suicide Prevention Charities. TASC came together as an initiative that encourages collaboration and the prevention of the duplication of work and funding across the field of suicide prevention. They work to share information across the field, encourage collaboration on intervention strategies to reduce deaths by suicide, influence policymakers to adopt effective suicide prevention strategies and to influence the media to deliver responsible reporting on deaths by suicide. The TASC website is a hub of education and resources. Core members of TASC include If U CAre Share and Harmless.

Our Partnership

TASC and the SASP have a long running partnership of mutual understanding and compassion. We support each other to grow, welcome new members, and share our information, lived experience, and knowledge. Our SASP chair – Hamish Elvidge – is a co-chair of TASC, and many of their members are people we consider to be professional, and personal, friends.

Why is this work important?

Collaborating and working with TASC and suicide prevention charities is so incredibly important because postvention is such a vital part of suicide prevention. It is important that people working within the field of suicide prevention understand that people bereaved by suicide are a high-risk group and that they need well informed appropriate support. Sadly, people bereaved by suicide are said to be at a 75% higher risk of taking their own life. This means that supporting people bereaved by suicide should be on the agenda of every suicide prevention charity. Our work with organisations like TASC ensures that this is made a priority.