Tell Us Once

Tell Us Once is a governmental service that allows you to report a death to most government organisations in one go. The service will notify offices such as HM Revenue and Customs, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Passport Office, the DVLA, your local council and Veterans Uk, as well as some public sector pension schemes. To use the Tell Us Once service you will need the following information on the person that has died: date of birth, National Insurance number, driving licence number, vehicle registration number and passport number, as well as some further information which is all listed on their site here. If Tell Us Once is available in your area, the registrar will give you the phone number for the service as well as a unique reference number to use the Tell Us Once service either online or by phone. You will need to use this within 84 days of registering the death.

Our partnership

Through our partnership with TUO, we are working to increase the knowledge of the service across the UK, as we feel it can be of vital help to individuals bereaved by suicide. We are also working with them to share our knowledge surrounding resources and support services available for those bereaved by suicide across the UK. so that they are able to signpost to this support.

Why is this work so important?

After a death, there are a lot of practical responsibilities that a family will have to deal with, on top of the already consuming emotions surrounding grief. These practical aspects can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you lose a loved one to suicide. Creating awareness of the TUO service is so important because it can help to reduce some of the overwhelming practical elements of sudden death that often cause further stress and trauma.